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Have you ever needed to find a partner for an activity? To plan a hiking trip, to go abroad, to attend a basketball game, or even to go to the pub? If so, you may be interested in using  is a social platform designed to help people meet each other for any activity. Whether you want to ski with someone or find companions for a yacht ride, facilitates meeting people in a natural way. The range of activities is limited only by the imagination of our users—from walking dogs to meeting the Queen!


Meeting without communication, however, can quickly become disorganized. Fortunately, such functions are supported, and in a way that ensures users’ privacy and safety. A wide range of tools may be used to distribute information, including shared calendars or tasks taken from a group chat. Or, if you have a group already, you may begin using to schedule, communicate, and share with ease!


The project itself is fresh and has huge potential. Helping people to live more socially may aid them in reaching personal satisfaction and improving mental health.


If you want to know more or to join our small team, feel free to drop your email below.


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